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Risk management and loss control solutions

On-site manned security services offer visible, efficient on-site protection

Our key focus is on ensuring that our clients' businesses operate without interruption and that our security officers not only enable this, but also enhance our clients' brand image and reputation by acting in a professional manner at all times. Our security officers undergo rigorous site-specific induction training prior to the commencement of their assignment.

All security duties such as front desk duties, access and egress control, maintaining call logs, searching and patrolling, are consistently carried out in a highly professional manner.
We also provide security officers to escort vehicles and valuable items (excluding cash in transit), and offer skills development training where necessary.
Our service offering includes Key Performance Indicator (KPI) design planning and roll out whereby our security officers assist with our clients' own security KPIs to ensure that security indicators are monitored and measured on an ongoing basis.
We also offer post collection, a confidential shredding service, audit checks, trend analyses and forecasts, web-based reporting systems, hard- and software training programmes, as well as securing of confidential documents.
Security Systems Solutions
Consultative Security Solutions


Our Intelligent Operations Centre – remote monitoring

Leading-edge off site security management software

We offer a variety of intelligent security management systems from our Intelligent Operations Centre in Gauteng. These systems enable integrated event-based management for all security assets, including, but not limited to: video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, guards and perimeter fencing systems.

Our software provides real time monitoring and rapid response and the Operations Centre offers the following benefits:

Early detection enables immediate, decisive action when an event at your premises has been detected
Video content analysis including total recall of video footage to aid with internal investigations and disciplinary enquiries
Fast access to emergency, reaction and police services
Protection and monitoring of premises during off-peak hours
Reduction of potential losses through prompt action


and repairs

Fast, expert service ensures security is not compromised

Excellent security systems are underpinned not only by people, but also by well maintained, fully functioning technology and equipment. Our expert Technical Department can meet all aspects of your technical needs by assisting with the installation, maintenance and repair of almost any make and type of alarms, automated access control units (biometric and card); closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems, electric fencing, boom and motorised gates.

Our technicians are trained in these leading security systems



Tailor-made patrol monitoring

To support our on-site manned security services, our in-house technical developers have taking patrol monitoring to a new level by pioneering IconTrack. Combining an Electronic Occurrence Book and Security Officer Patrolling System, this mobile app is unique that it is customisable to suit the client's specific needs.

Other key features include:
Electronic incident and activity reports based on time stamps and images
Geo-location security officer patrols based on GPS coordinates and customisation of patrol points – recording images, numbers or text
Additional customisation including stock bar codes, documents scanning, together with temperature, electricity and water readings


Customised security systems and design

Responsiveness and reliability reduce risks

We work with our clients to develop security solutions to suit their specific needs. We begin by mapping the total operating environment and, where necessary conducting a time and motion study. This helps to improve procedures and increase productivity while reducing risks and costs.

Other key aspects of our customised security offering include:
Implementation of Standardised Electronic Audit Functions (SEAFs)
Design of integrated and customised electronic audit and verification systems
Communication networks
Project management
Site development support
Rollout management with test production, total process simulation and training.
Risk management and loss control solutions
Consultative Security Solutions


Consultative security solutions

Discretion, experience and expertise make the difference

Our Investigations Division is staffed by a discreet, experienced team of investigators who are well versed in the Criminal Procedures Act and who can gather admissible evidence for presentation to a criminal, civil or labour court of law.

Our investigation services include:
Incident investigations
Risk analysis
Crime prevention and awareness programmes
Truth verification testing
Other consulting services such as pre-employment screening and under-cover operations
"Economic crime continues to disrupt business, with this year's results showing a steep incline in reported instances of economic crime in South Africa – once again we have the dubious honour of having the highest levels in the world, at a staggering 77%!"

Trevor White

Partner: Forensic Services PwC South Africa, quoted in Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018 6th South African edition February 2018, available at:

Risk management and loss control solutions
Security Systems Solutions