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Consultative security solutions

Discretion, experience and expertise make the difference

Our Investigations Division is staffed by a discreet, experienced team of investigators who are well versed in the Criminal Procedures Act and who can gather admissible evidence for presentation to a criminal, civil or labour court of law.

Our investigation services include

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Incident investigations

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Risk analysis

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Crime prevention and awareness programmes

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Truth verification testing

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Other consulting services such as pre-employment screening & under-cover operations

Customised security systems and design

Responsiveness and reliability reduce risks

We work with our clients to develop security solutions to suit their specific needs. We begin by mapping the total operating environment and, where necessary conducting a time and motion study. This helps to improve procedures and increase productivity while reducing risks and costs.

Other key aspects of our customised security offering include:

  • Implementation of Standardised Electronic Audit Functions (SEAFs)
  • Design of integrated and customised electronic audit and verification systems
  • Communication networks
  • Project management networks
  • Site development support
  • Rollout management with test production, total process simulation and training